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Mini Motorways (Switch) Review

Mini Motorways is a high-score based puzzle game about managing traffic in a growing city. It takes only a minute or two to understand the vast majority of its mechanics. However, the myriad of ways in which these mechanics can be utilized…

Gibbon: Beyond the Trees (Switch) Review

For as frequent as animals are playable in games, rarely are they portrayed in a realistic manner comparable to their real-world counterparts. As much as I’ve enjoyed playing as Banjo, Kazooie, Fox McCloud or Donkey Kong, I've rarely…

Rogue Legacy 2 review

Our Verdict A sublime addition to the Rogue Legacy family and one of the best roguelites yet. The first Rogue Legacy won the hearts of many a roguelike fan with a clever twist on the genre that saw failure go…

Vesper: Zero Light Edition (Switch) Review

When the Nintendo Switch OLED was released, there were several games that people were screaming about looking stunning on the OLED. If you have an OLED, you need to experience this game on there for the bold colors and sheer beauty. Well,…

Dungeons of Dreadrock (Switch) Review

The Switch’s portability and touchscreen have made it into a perfect platform for mobile games wanting to make the jump to the console space. One such example of this is Dungeons of Dreadrock, an action-adventure game with a heavy emphasis…

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