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Flynn: Son of Crimson (Switch) Review

Dusting off the ol’ backlog can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to games you wanted to tackle long ago. It can be like a scourge in the back of your mind that has the chance of taking over everything. Fortunately, I’m finally…

Trek to Yomi review

Our Verdict A gorgeous game with frustrating combat and glitchy exploration, Trek to Yomi is the definition of style over substance. Trek to Yomi copies the style of Akira Kurosawa's iconic black and white samurai films:…

Parkasaurus (Switch) Review

Parkasaurus caught my eye in its brief appearance during an Indie World video in 2021. It’s a pastel-colored dinosaur park management game where you essentially try to make your own Jurassic Park, dealing with the potential security issues…

Nintendo Switch Sports Review

Update (May 5, 2022): Here's thoughts on the online component of Switch Sports and a final score. Scroll below for the original review-in-progress before the online was live. After a week playing Nintendo Switch Sports online, I came away…

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