Aksys Announces Three More Localizations Of Romance Adventures For 2021


The Otome Armada will continue to bombard the Switch next year.

Aksys have confirmed their plans to localize three additional visual novels from Idea Factory’s Otomate label in 2021, in addition to the release of Code: Realize -Wintertide Miracles- in February. The new games:

  • Olympia Soirée – “One of the last of her clan, Olympia seeks to perform a ritual to return light to a darkened world. Struggling within this society’s strict class system, she must find a partner to help her bring unity to the land.”
  • Variable Barricade – “Hibari’s wealthy grandfather is determined to find her a husband… and she’s just as determined not to accept! Will being forced to live in a luxurious villa with the hand-picked suitors result in an engagement?”
  • Dairoku: Ayakashimori (English title TBA) – “Shino’s ability to perceive ghosts lands her a job with the secret government agency tasked with overseeing the supernatural yokai. But even she is not prepared for an assignment to a wonderous, hidden world where she must unify and watch over the yokai.”

Prior Aksys otome localizations have featured limited physical releases, though the games will at minimum be released on the eShop.

Source link : Nintendoworldreport

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