Deep Silver says Dead Island 2, the next Saints Row, Metro and TimeSplitters won’t be at E3



by Wesley Yin-Poole, Editor

Dead Island, Saints Row, Metro and TimeSplitters will not be at E3, Deep Silver has confirmed.

Its parent company Koch Media plans a livestream with new announcements for Summer Games Fest, but Deep Silver’s games will not be a part of it, or any other E3 2021 event.

“We’ll let you know when we have news to share,” the Deep Silver Twitter account said.

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Koch Media releases video games under the Deep Silver publishing label, but it also does business itself (things can get a bit confusing when you consider Koch Media is owned by the all-encompassing Embracer Group, which owns Biomutant publisher THQ Nordic).

While it’s a shame we won’t see the next big Saints Row game, Dead Island 2, or what’s next from Metro at E3, I don’t think there was any expectation TimeSplitters would make an appearance – the new Free Radical Design studio built to revive the series was only recently set up.

Perhaps Gamescom in August is a better bet?

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