Devolver Digital showcase confirmed for E3 2021



by Wesley Yin-Poole, Editor

Indie publisher Devolver Digital will host an E3 livestream at 9.30pm UK time on Saturday, 12th June.

It’s part of Geoff Keighley’s Summer Game Fest.

There’s no word on what to expect from the show, although I suspect it will follow the same unhinged theme of previous Devolver Digital E3 shows.

Yesterday, upon speaking with Eurogamer reporter Matt Wales, I learned there is a “Devolver-verse”, with some sort of story and recurring characters and stuff. Last year’s show, which you can watch in the video below, even started with a recap.

Hotline Miami 3, perhaps? As the Hotline Miami Twitter account tweeted (and the Devolver Digital Twitter account recently retweeted): “There is no Hotline Miami 3.”

Or is there?

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