Fire Emblem Heroes Announces Details Of Fifth Story Book


Fire Emblem Heroes will kick off its fifth story book after a maintenance period with a tale of magic and mechs.

The fifth story is sent in the realm of Niðavellir (the name of the Norse realm of dwarves), where magic and science have fused. Players will receive a free 5* Mythic hero named Reignn, who is the princess of Niðavellir (and a sword cavalier + Astra season Mythic heroine), after completing the first chapter of the new story, and she will be available in a summoning focus beginning at the end of this month.

Characters from Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones will be added to the summoning pool at the next daily reset (2 am Eastern time) along with Reignn: Selena (not to be confused with the Fates character), Duessel, and Natasha will be added: Knoll will be available as a quest reward. Natasha will also be summonable at 4* rarity, while Caellach will be available in a Grand Hero Battle event starting 2 a.m. ET Wednesday. Notably, Selena was previously added as part of a swimsuit banner in June while Knoll is the highest-rated Sacred Stones character (based on this year’s Choose Your Legends poll) with no form in the game to date.

Quests will be available to obtain new items for the Aether Resort mode as well, and a 20 orb login bonus will be active for thirteen days starting at the reset (2 orbs per day for 10 logins). The version 5.0 update required for these new events is now available on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

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