Fortnite – Farmer Steel’s places locations: Visit Farmer Steel’s favourite places explained



by Diego Arguello, Contributor

Visit Farmer Steel’s favourite places in Fortnite explained

There is a total of three locations to where to visit Farmer Steel’s favourite places in the Fortnite map.

These are a lake, a pond and a landmark. You only need to get close enough to them for it to count towards the challenge.

Here are the locations of Farmer Steel’s favourite places:

The locations of Farmer Steel’s favourite places in Fortnite.

While there is no specific order to follow, we’ve found the following one to be the most straightforward – depending on where the circle is closing, you may need to split the challenge across two matches.

From the bus, we suggest dropping off on Lake Canoe first, which is located northwest of Retail Row. There is a barn right next to the western road, which is where you’ll want to get close to.


From here, we recommend taking one of the boats and follow the river north towards Pizza Pit, the landmark found slightly northeast of Corny Complex.


Lastly, start sprinting towards the western side of the map, since the third location is found at Flopper Pond, which is northeast of Holly Hedges. Once more, get close to the barn that overlooks the pond, and the challenge will be over.


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