Fortnite – Infected animal locations: Where to hunt an infected animal explained



by Diego Arguello, Contributor

Hunt an infected animal fast in Fortnite

With the alien invasion taking place in Fortnite these last few weeks, many things have been shifting around. Some animals, such as wolves and chickens, have been getting infected by a parasite.

This can be easily noted even at a distance since it’s not a particularly subtle sight, with the creature having multiple eyes and emanating a purple aura around it.

All you have to do is track down one of down and take it down – but where can you find them? Well, chickens can usually be spotted east of Pleasant Park or Corny Complex. While doing this challenge, we found one close to Weeping Woods.


Now, the chicken we found did not appear infected, but it counted towards the challenge either way. We’re unsure whether or not this is a momentary bug, but if you’re on the same situation, make sure to give it a try and see if it works.

Another good method is to look for wolves, who share similar locations with the aforementioned chickens, as well as other wildlife.

We found wildlife close to the Spire tower in Weeping Woods.

Remember, you only need to kill one infected animal, so you can just focus on the match as per usual and keep an eye on the first one you come across. It might take some time, but don’t fret – any other unnamed wood locations, especially those closer to mountains, are a good shout.

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