Fortnite – Sunny, Joey and Beach Brutus locations: Find and converse explained



by Lottie Lynn, Guides Writer

Beach Brutus, Joey and Sunny’s locations on the Fortnite map explained

To find Beach Brutus, Joey or Sunny you need to head to Believer Beach on the Fortnite map.

Here are the locations for all three NPCs:

The location of Beach Brutus, Joey and Sunny.

To locate Beach Brutus can be found on the beach directly north of the Believer Beach skatepark. Look for the parasol if you’re having trouble finding him!


To find Joey, head to the cavern park in the southern part of Believer Beach and this definitely normal human is hanging out near one of the mobile homes.


Sunny can be found on the eastern part of the beach near the alien sand circle, which, itself, is located east of the pier.


Remember – you only need to talk to one of these NPCs to complete this legendary quest, so talk to whoever you find first. Just keep your guard up for other players, as they can kill you while you’re mid-conversation.

Once done, it’s time to place some welcome signs.

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