Frantic Multiplayer Firefighting Game Embr is Available Now


Today marks the day that Embr releases onto Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S! Fight fires for fun and profit in this unpredictable and frantic multiplayer game. Team up with friends, take on daily challenges and climb to the top of the corporate firefighting ladder. More than one way to become a hero!

Team up with friends to become the most über firefighters money can buy. Rush into burning buildings filled with dangerous hazards, valuables, and top-of-the-line security systems. Fight fires, save lives, salvage goods, and make life-changing money. Buy high tech tools with advanced upgrades, and fresh outfits that unlock new ways to play.

Teamwork makes the dreamwork with added crossplay functionality, allowing you to play with friends and strangers across both PC and Xbox, working together to save lives and make money.

Our community has been integral throughout the early access period, and we’ve developed the game closely with those who have joined us on this journey. We asked our Discord community to provide us with their top 10 tips in order for Xbox users to become the best Embr Respondr possible!

  • Tip #1: Focus on rescuing clients. You don’t have to fight all the fire, but you can’t get paid by a dead client!
  • Tip #2: Client priority: Those in danger, furthest away, those on the toilet (it happens)’, and then everyone else!
  • Tip #3: Clients do not receive any damage if thrown inside the rescue zone, so be precise when you launch someone from three stories up!
  • Tip #4: You can quickly calm down any agitated client by showering them with your hose, this should give you ample time to get them to safety!
  • Tip #5: In addition to dropping your clients gently, you can use the throw button to return them to the rescue zone more quickly (and efficiently)!
  • Tip #6: Stop by the shop often! Remember what’s giving you trouble, because you can almost always buy a tool, upgrade, or piece of gear to help you solve it.
  • Tip #7: Jumping is exhausting! If you jump too many times in a row, you won’t get as much height. Give yourself a second to rest, and you’ll be leaping again in no time!
  • Tip #8: It’s important to remember that Metal objects like barrels can be used to spread electricity too, so look out for these in missions!
  • Tip #9: Water spreads electricity. Find a way to dry the water either through equipment or tools, or turn off the power in the building to get rid of it!
  • Tip #10: Water makes grease fires worse! Smother the fire with a non-flammable object or use a fire extinguisher instead!

With these tips up your sleeve you’ll be ready to take on giant skyscrapers, stately mansions and more as you climb the career ladder to success! We look forward to playing with you in Embr, launching today!

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