How to Survive the Time Loop in Lemnis Gate, Available Today with Xbox Game Pass



  • Experience time-looping 4D cerebral combat today with Lemnis Gate.
  • Check out these handy tips to help you get started.
  • Play Lemnis Gate today with Xbox Game Pass.

It’s time! Today I’m delighted to say that Lemnis Gate is now available to play with Xbox Game Pass. Lemnis Gate is our time-looping, turn-based strategy shooter where you can experience a layering time-loop and discover revolutionary 4D tactical combat.

While the countdown to launch is over, the battle has only just begun. We absolutely cannot wait to see the incredible strategies that will emerge as players harness time in the pursuit of the perfect plan and ultimate victory. With Lemnis Gate we wanted to allow creative and free-thinking players the opportunity to develop innovative and outlandish techniques.

If you don’t already know how Lemnis Gate works, here’s a quick rundown. At the start of a turn, you pick one of seven uniquely skilled operatives to control. You’ve then got 25 seconds to execute an action, whether targeting an objective, protecting a teammate, or taking out an opponent. When the time is up, you exit the loop, and your opponent enters, attempting to counter the moves you’ve made. Crucially, past actions remain in play. So, turn by turn, over five action-packed rounds, more and more operatives are layered into the progressively changing arena.

Lemnis Gate

In Lemnis Gate, only the smartest survive and strategic thinking is key to victory. It’s all about decision making and problem solving. Think about it as chess meets FPS, with you and your opponent attempting to outthink and outmanoeuvre each other. It’s as deep and equally cerebral as the classic competitive board game. That’s why I want to give you five handy tips and tricks for getting off to the best possible start.

  • Anticipate your enemy’s moves by covering points of interest with bullets, traps, or shields. This will challenge them when countering your plans. Remember, it’s not just about an operative’s position in space, but where they are in time.
  • Focusing exclusively on one objective or enemy operative can be easy to counter. Diversify and spread your team out to cover as much ground as possible. The same goes for you, so make your movements unpredictable to throw off your opponent. A stationary target is an easy target for a future bullet. If you do decide to stay still, make sure to shield yourself in the next turn by deploying a defensively minded operative such as KARL.
  • In between turns, take advantage of the allotted time and fly your drone around the map to see the current state of affairs. Not only can you plan your next move from a bird’s eye view, but place strategy markers down to highlight points of interest and create the perfect strategy.
  • Death is not the end. If you bite the bullet, you can still finish your turn as a ghost. Your ghost actions will become real if that operative is saved in a later turn. Be wary of friendly fire. You don’t want to run into your own gunfire, regardless of what timeline it’s occurring in.
  • The winner is only decided in the final round. That means you can come back from a losing position. To do so, find the operative that’s causing you the most trouble and take them out, thereby erasing their cascade of deadly events from the loop. Break the butterfly effect.
Lemnis Gate

But that’s enough from me, jump into Lemnis Gate right now and discover for yourself the thrill of disrupting the past to change the future.  

Don’t forget you can also join us in the loop @LemnisGateGame across Discord, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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