Lab Zero Dissolution Bringing End To Support For Indivisible


With the dissolution and reformation of Indivisible developers Lab Zero Games, publisher 505 Games has been forced to cut off support for the game.

Lab Zero owner Mike “Mike Z” Zaimont had been the subject of multiple accusations of creating a hostile work environment, as well as sending sexually explicit messages to cosplayers and making racist statements on live streams. Multiple high ranking employees of Lab Zero left the company in the summer to form the development co-operative Future Club, and a majority of the remaining staff were fired by Zaimont in early September.

The result of the above issues was that Lab Zero could no longer deliver promised content for Indivisible, including content that was a part of the game’s original Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign such as backer-created characters. The promised New Game+ and local co-operative play patch for Switch is expected to launch next week, bringing it to feature parity with other releases, but additional content is no longer expected and the physical release will be extremely limited when it launches in November.

Source link : Nintendoworldreport

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