Longstanding Ban On Pokemon TCG Printing Kadabra Cards To Be Lifted


After almost two decades, a legal hurdle that kept an entire species out of the Pokemon TCG is apparently over.

Illusionary performer Uri Gellar filed injunctions against Creatures and Nintendo in the early 2000s preventing cards of Kadabra from being produced – essentially locking out its prior evolution Abra and further evolution Alakazam from the game as well. The point of contention was Kadabra’s pose which focused on using psychic powers to bend a spoon, a trademark of Gellar’s act.

The Pokemon Company have not commented on Gellar’s announcement, though the last Kadabra card was produced as part of the Skyridge expansion series (2002 Japan, 2003 rest of the world) which was also the last set produced by Wizards of the Coast before TPC brought the series in-house.

Source link : Nintendoworldreport

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