Mario Golf Super Rush Coming To Switch June 25


The newest installment in the Mario Golf series is coming to the Switch on June 25th. Mario Golf: Super Rush will have multiple modes including story, multiplayer and a new mode called Speed Golf, which puts all players playing in a golf scramble. Players will tee off at the same time and race towards their ball as fast as they can. The first to get sink their ball wins while avoiding obstacles
and using power-ups along the way. Motion controls can also be used to play the game, by swinging the Joy-Con like a golf club.

The game also features a single player story mode, in which you traverse several golf courses as a Mii character. You can improve your golfing skills by using experience points you gain in golfing matches. The game seems to take cues from an RPG experience where you can allocate points to stats like power, stamina, speed, control and Spin.

Source link : Nintendoworldreport

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