“Massive multiplayer outdoor sports playground” Riders Republic will release in September



by Vikki Blake, Contributor

Riders Republic will release on 2nd September, 2021.

While developer Ubisoft stopped short of outlining when the betas will launch, it does, however, invite players to register their interest in trying out the “massive multiplayer outdoor sports playground” via upcoming betas.

Even without details on when the beta tests will go live, players interested in trying Riders Republic ahead of its launch can register their interest now on the official website. Though there’s not much information on the website just yet, it does intimate that betas will be available on all platforms Riders Republic is coming to, including Google Stadia.

Riders Republic will be available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Stadia, and from the Epic Games Store and the Ubisoft Store on Windows PC. The sports game is also coming to Ubisoft’s subscription service, too.

Donlan recently spent some time with Riders Republic.

“Perhaps the most enticing thing I saw, was something that went against the massively-multiplayer grain a little,” Donlan wrote in the Eurogamer Riders Republic preview.

“Exploration allows you to just enjoy the world that Ubisoft has created, a sort of theme park of the great parks, where carefully colour-calibrated greatest hits of stone and snow and forest live alongside each other. This is the mode for me, hunting for landmarks and other collectibles, occasionally bumping into someone else, switching from parasailing to snowboarding to downhill biking on a whim. This is Riders Republic, a vast, busy game, then, but one that still knows the value of a moment of silence.”

Source link : Eurogamer

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