Minecraft Steve Joins Smash Ultimate October 13: New Mii Costumes And Amiibo Announced


Steve will be rocking the Smash block in about a week and a half.

The eighth DLC fighter (7th from a Fighter’s Pass) will drop on October 13, as revealed in today’s Smash presentation hosted by Masahiro Sakurai. The stage and music were also revealed, with the music focused on songs from the Minecraft Dungeons and Earth spinoffs.

The next round of Mii costumers were also announced for release on the same day: Minecraft will have the Creeper, Pig, and Diamond Armor represented. Costumes were also unveiled for Gil (The Tower of Druaga, Namco’s 1984 action RPG arcade game), Bomberman, and Travis Touchdown from the No More Heroes series.

Additionally, the Amiibo for the rest of Fighters Pass 1 (Banjo/Kazooie, Terry Bogard, Byleth – male only) were also given a 2021 release window.

Source link : Nintendoworldreport

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