Monster Hunter Rise Demo Launching Overnight


The hunt will begin in Monster Hunter Rise soon.

At the end of today’s Monster Hunter presentation, Capcom confirmed the special demo would be available overnight tonight (3 a.m. ET/midnight Pacific), and would be active until the same times on February 1.

The video also showed off a Wirebug ability that allows hunters to control large monsters and even attack others, along with several new and returning monsters. The demo will feature the option to practice the ability, along with two hunts (with local/online co-op) and a basic quest to practice with the Wirebug.

UPDATE 10:05am ET: Capcom have advised that the demo will be playable until the hunts have been completed a combined total of 30 times: doing so will lock the basic and Wyvern Riding quests out as well.

Source link : Nintendoworldreport

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