Next week’s Xbox Summer Game Fest demo event detailed



by Robert Purchese, Senior Staff Writer

Next week’s Xbox Summer Game Fest demo event has been detailed. It’ll bring us more than 40 demos of upcoming, unreleased games on Xbox Series S and X, and Xbox One. The demos will be available for a week, from 15th June to 21st. After that, they’ll disappear.

This is Tunic.

Only a handful of the titles have been revealed so far. Thankfully, one of them is Sable, the gorgeous-looking desert sci-fi game which we’ll have a write-up on very soon. Another is Tunic, the adorably cute, Zelda-like adventure game. Both of these were glimpsed in the Summer Games Fest broadcast this evening.

This is Echo Generation.

The other games on the list are The Riftbreaker, which I’ve tried on PC (and really liked), and Echo Generation and Lake.

Echo Generation is a voxel, turn-based adventure game set in summer 1993, and it’s about kids investigating supernatural occurrences while battling monsters and mechs. Lake is set even earlier, in 1986, and seems a more slow-moving adventure about a lady having a break in her quirky mountain hometown of Providence Oaks.

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