Save up to £30 with these Prime Day PS5 DualSense bundles



by James Pickard, Commerce Editor

While we’re still waiting for Amazon to drop the latest batch of PS5 stock it’s rumoured to have sitting in its warehouses, these DualSense controller bundles with PS5 games and accessories are some of the best PS5 Prime Day deals you can get right now.

Depending on which one you go for, you can save up to £30 when compared to buying both items separately. If you’ve been lucky enough to get a PS5 already then these aren’t a bad pairing.

Have a browse below and see what you think!

PS5 DualSense + Charging Station for £64.99

The best value offer is this PS5 DualSense and Charging Station for £64.99. With a PS5 controller usually setting you back around £60 and the official charging station priced at £25 that’s a decent £20 saving when both are bought together.

Put another way, a fiver for the DualSense Charging Station is not to be sniffed at.

PS5 DualSense + Spider-Man: Miles Morales for £79.99


This DualSense bundle comes with one of the console’s best exclusives and an excellent demonstration of the PS5’s capabilities. Soaring through New York is a delight or you can effortlessly start one of the many activities dotted around the city in an instant.

PS5 DualSense + Sackboy: A Big Adventure for £79.99


PlayStation’s second-best mascot (unashamed Astro Bot stan right here) delivers a light and breezy platformer in Sackboy: A Big Adventure.

PS5 DualSense + Pulse 3D Headset for £119.99


The Pulse 3D Headset is usually £90 so this is another £30 discount when bought with a DualSense controller.

With half a day to go until the sale ends, you can browse through all the other Prime Day gaming deals we’ve thought are worth highlighting right here. Or follow Jelly Deals on Twitter for regular updates on all sorts of bargains.

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