Warzone best Assault Rifles: What is the best Assault Rifle in Warzone?



by Diego Arguello, Contributor

Warzone best Assault Rifle tier list

Ever since Black Ops: Cold War weapons were integrated to Warzone, most of the viable options that came from Modern Warfare were pushed down the ladder.

Our ranking focuses primarily on assault rifles from the first group, as they have been the ones developer Raven has been focusing on recently.

That being said, there are three Modern Warfare weapons in our tier list which continue to be popular, and tend to be exempt from heavy balance changes. If you are curious about how to obtain them if you don’t own the game, don’t fret, as they are part of Warzone by default – some will require a challenge to unlock, or you can opt to purchase a blueprint on the store.

It’s worth noting that while we’re ranking the following weapons, they all stand out for a reason, and that it comes to down to preference – you can go for the highest ranked option or find an alternative that maybe you weren’t considering before to vary your loadouts and experiment with new options.

Without further ado, here is our best assault rifle tier list for Warzone:

  1. Krig 6 (S tier – Black Ops: Cold War)
  2. C58 (S tier – Black Ops: Cold War)
  3. AK-47 – Cold War (S tier – Black Ops: Cold War)
  4. FARA 83 (A tier – Black Ops: Cold War)
  5. EM2 (A tier – Black Ops: Cold War)
  6. FFAR 1 (A tier – Black Ops: Cold War)
  7. XM4 (A tier – Black Ops: Cold War)
  8. CR-56 AMAX (B tier – Modern Warfare)
  9. M4A1 (B tier – Modern Warfare)
  10. RAM-7 (B tier – Modern Warfare)
  11. QBZ-83 (B tier – Black Ops: Cold War)
  12. Groza (C tier – Black Ops: Cold War)

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Recent additions include the EM2 and TEC-9.

Elsewhere, learn our recommendations for the best weapons across the game, including assault rifles and popular choices such as the AMAX, C58, MG 82, OTs 9, FARA 83, Stoner 63, AK-47, Bullfrog, PPSh-41 and Swiss K31.

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